New Holds from Nicros

Nicros just added seven new urethane handhold sets and two new volumes to its product line. The hold sets include three additions to the signature series which are sets shaped by Nicros athletes. These new holds include two sets shaped by Jon Cardwell and one set from Alex Johnson. To learn more about all of Nicros’ athletes visit our Shapers page.

Other new sets are variations of some of last years favorites such as the ball slopers and wrinkled pockets. The seven new handhold sets are all made in urethane and the two new volumes are made with Nicros’ patented Extreme Hold Thechnology™.

Visit the New Products section or click the individual links below to view full information about each new product.

Pentagon Volume
Rail Volume
A.J. 1 (Alex Jonhson Signature Series)
J.C. 1 (Jon Cardwell Signature Series)
J.C. 2 (Jon Cardwell Signature Series)
Diff-Tex™ Mini Jugs
Dot Slopers
El Grande Ball Slopers
Wrinkled Pockets 2