LEED Certification

Nicros LEED’s in Climbing Wall Construction and Manufacturing.

Nicros actively promotes environmentally conscious manufacturing processes as well as construction practices which follow the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System which encourages global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.

Sustainable Sites
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention

• Component systems that are pre-manufactured off-site in a controlled environment
• On-site installation using pre-fabricated products (creates low amounts of dust/pollutants)
• Paint Free systems

Energy & Atmosphere
Light Pollution Reduction

• Minimum Energy Performance
• Optimize Energy Performance
• Controllability of Systems (lighting)
• Nicros provides professional lighting consulting to maximize the effect and minimize the impact on the environment
• Nicros provides consulting on light fixture specification, product information cut sheets, lighting plans with light fixture locations, controls, and calculated photometric layouts

Materials & Resources
Material Reuse

• Nicros recyclables are collected and disposed of locally
• To minimize waste, Nicros brings post-consumed material to the job site to be reused
• Nicros designs conserve resources and minimize waste by using full units of goods
• Nicros pre-fabricates components to keep scrap and extra shipping weight down, conserving fuel

Recycled Content
• 65% + of our steel is recycled
• Nicros utilizes a near zero-waste process in the manufacturing of modular handholds by making every effort to recycle waste wherever possible
• Nicros offers a 100% recycled “poured in place” landing surface and a 100% recycled loose landing surface
• Landing surface underlayment is 100% recycled

Regional Materials
• Nicros sources hard to ship heavy materials locally to save on fuel consumption

Certified Wood
• Nicros sources FSC certified wood for our products that contain structural wood framing when applicable

Petroleum Alternative Products
• All Nicros handholds, volumes, and training tools are available in corn/soy based resin

Indoor Environmental Quality
Construction Indoor Air Quality Management

• By using off-site manufactured products we can minimize the impact on installations

Low Emitting Materials
• Nicros works with chemical manufacturers to ensure use of the safest products
• Many products are built off-site in a controlled environment to capture all pollutants before they get to the job site
• Closed mold techniques greatly reduce pollution and out-gassing

Innovation & Design Process
Environmentally Conscious Designs & Products

• By being incorporated early in the design phase, Nicros can optimize the space to minimize the materials needed to build climbing walls and maximize the functionality of the environment and meet all project goals