Corn/Soy-Based Resin
Nicros was proud to be the first climbing handhold manufacturer to introduce the use of an environmentally-conscious, Corn/Soy-Based resin into its Super-Mix recipe.

Extreme Hold Technology™  (Patent Number 7,524,269)
On April 28, 2009, Nicros was issued Patent Number 7,524,269 for its innovative Extreme Hold Technology.

This technology, first introduced in October, 2003, completely revolutionizes the way large individual holds (“Extreme Holds” in the Nicros line) are made. Every extreme hold that utilizes the Extreme Hold Technology (Patent Number 7,524,269) is up to 220% lighter than a resin-poured counterpart of the same shape. Although the tickness of the hold can be deceptive in describing the strength of the hold, these holds are extremely strong – even with their minimal thickness. Nicros has taken hollowbacks to the next level with Extreme Hold Technology.  Extreme Hold Technology is simply the best method for making large holds.

Each of Nicros’ Extreme Hold Technology handholds is now made using a Corn/Soy resin. This environmentally friendly resin uses a combination of soybean oil and ethanol-based resin. One batch of this resin (38,000 lbs.) saves 12 barrels of crude oil and reduces 18,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Nicros Super-Mix™
Nicros Super-Mix has been many years in the making. The years of testing and base knowledge, coupled with new energy and research experiments, culminated in the creation of the scientifically derived, highly refined Nicros Super-Mix which was introduced in July, 2003. This engineered and refined handhold matrix means Nicros handholds are 100% lighter, 50% more durable and 30% lighter than our previous recipe and allows for more vibrant colors than were typically seen in the past.

On top of it all, Nicros handholds have always had the best texture in the climbing industry and the introduction of Super-Mix continued that legacy. These handholds still have the same great feel that Nicros handholds have always been known for. Routesetters love the reduced weight when hauling a bucket of holds up the wall and gym managers appreciate the way Nicros holds will be more chip resistant and last longer. A lighter, stronger more durable handhold with great textue is what years of developing Nicros’ Super-Mix are all about.

Environmentally Responsible
In addition to the recycled materials contained in our handholds, we use recycled materials throughout our hold-creation processes. Our pigments and materials are both lead and mercury free. In addition, Nicros is moving toward a Zero-Waste hold production system.

Innovations Timeline
1988- Replicates™ (Shapes molded from real rock) first sold in 1991.

1990- Created first bright colored swirl patterns on handholds.

1991- Diff-Tex™ (dual texture) and Zero -Tex™ (smooth texture) handholds developed.

1993- First company to add hollow backs to large holds.

1994- Introduced decorative, realistic rock climbing wall system to the climbing industry, now known as A.R.T Wall™.

1996- Introduced Versa-Centers™ which allows handholds to accept flat head or cap screw bolts.

2003- First company to design and produce rock like climbing panels , now known as Easy Wall™

2003- Extreme Hold Technology™ developed and introduced.

2005- FrameFree™ technology used in the construction of our West Coast™ Climbing Wall System.

2008- Nicros files for patent on Auto Belay Safety System™ (A.B.S.S.)

2009- Nicros is the first handhold company to use Corn/Soy resin in the production of all fiberglass-based climbing wall holds and wall systems.

2009- On April 28, 2009, Nicros was issued Patent Number 7,524,269 for Extreme Hold Technology™

2009- On August 11,2009, Nicros was issued  Patent Number 7,572,207 B2 FrameFree™ technology used in the construction of our West Coast™ Climbing Wall System.